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Hetrics was designed to save millions of Nigerians the trouble (and also their lives) from having to go through the stress of finding what healthcare services offer what they are looking for and also figure out if that healthcare service is really good rather than go through a trial and error process which is time-consuming and also can be fatal which could lead to loss of lives.

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Role and Collaborators

For this challenging yet life-saving project, I played a major role in the overall design process.

What I did

Who I worked with?

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Current Predicament

Good Healthcare facilities are not easily available to patients in Nigeria. Making decisions on what hospital/clinic to visit and finding out people’s experiences can be a bit of a problem. Knowing what services these healthcare facilities offer, what range of laboratory services are available, how long it would take to see a doctor, quality healthcare, affordability, cleanliness, distance, and what health insurance company they accept all in one place can be a life-saver.

“Here is a tweet questioning the quality of some doctors and its hospitals”

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“Here is a tweet on a complaint about some Healthcare Insurance Companies”

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