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Kicking Off

I conducted research to identify the importance of the study to be done. Studies have shown that young adults are spending a significant amount of money on recurring monthly bills.

It also shows that subscription management apps can help users manage their subscriptions and make informed decisions about their spending habits.

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<aside> 💡 eExpense: A Smart Approach to Track Everyday Expense


The Subscription Model - How it works?

Subscriptions typically work by offering users access to a product or service for a recurring fee, usually charged on a monthly or annual basis.

Many subscription services offer a free trial period during which the user can test the service for a limited time without being charged. If the user does not cancel before the end of the trial period, they will be charged for the subscription.

Overall, subscriptions provide a convenient and predictable way for users to access products and services while providing a stable source of revenue for companies.

Problem Statement

With the rise of subscription-based services, young adults have faced an increasing number of monthly recurring bills. Managing multiple subscriptions, tracking usage, and making cost-efficient decisions has become daunting task for many.

Having a solution that helps them manage their subscriptions all in one place, and decide which services to keep and save on, would be cost-effective for them.

User Survey

I conducted a survey in order to obtain quantitative data about subscription services and understand user behaviour around managing their subscriptions.

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Competitive Analysis

I carried out a competitor analysis using the S.W.C.D.UX.O Analysis table to better understand the competitors and uncover opportunities that can be explored.

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